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The Twenty-two

One — the rhythm of starting again from first principles. Two — the rhythm of creating something new.

Three — the rhythm which recives something mysterious. Four — the rhythm which receives something worldly. Five — the rhythm which creates worldly laws. Six — the rhythm which creates a mystery.

Seven — the rhythm which desires. Eight — the rhythm which battles.

Nine — the rhythm which divides fairly.

Ten — the rhythm of solitude. Eleven — the rhythm of the cycle of life.

Twelve — the rhythm which is strong in the face of fear.

Thirteen — the rhythm which turns everything upside-down. Fourteen — the rhythm which is an end and a beginning.

Fifteen — the rhythm which tempers desire.

Sixteen — the rhythm of tricks, fabrication and deception. Seventeen — the rhythm of reaching too far and being restrained.

Eighteen — the rhythm of heavenly order. Nineteen — the rhythm of mystery. Twenty — the rhythm of light.

Twenty-one — the rhythm of final decision. Twenty-two — the rhythm of everything.

The twenty-two are :
empty, creative,
mystic, sensual, imperious, mystifying,
loving, battling,
alone, cyclic,
disruptive, transformative,
tricky, overreaching,
heavenly, mysterious, luminous,
decisive, all-encompassing.

The alphabet of the Twenty-two
visual alphabet for the twenty-two

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