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April 2020 Update — While under lockdown due to the global virus pandemic, I been improvising and putting together tracks prodcued by combining my improvisations in interesting ways. I am uploading selections from this work on my SoundCloud.

If you want to hear some diverse sounds which, I hope, may take you somewhere else for a while, check out Selections from the Lockdown Sessions.

I’m Dominic Blackwell and this is about me, and my work with rhythm

I have worked in many fields, including music, photography, visual art and computer programming. I have also studied physics and have a strong recreational interest in maths. I’ve combined my experiences in these many fields through rhythm.

So what do I mean when I say rhythm?

We can feel an energy inside us, between us, in the universe. When the energy moves it produces rhythm. That rhythm can become music, art, dance or architecture. It can become mountains and valleys and seas. But it can also become a way you walk, a way the air moves in your lungs or a way the blood pumps through your veins.

It’s all rhythm, whatever anyone calls it.

We can feel it as it flows. We can channel it into our work. We can sense it to find which path to take.

This site is about the experience of rhythm, what it has taught me and how it might help you.

In these pages you can see some of my work, and experience what rhythm has taught me.