The Book of Unbinding

According to the conventional modern view, the romantic model of creativity is all wrong. There are no muses, no flashes of inspiration and the path to producing good work lies in consistent application of effort. And I have put in the hours in my time.

But real life is not always so simple. One day some words came to me, powerful, poetic, and I started to write them down and they kept coming and kept coming and when they stopped I had pretty much the Book of Unbinding in scrawled handwritten form. It needed a some editing to make it comprehensible to a reader who wasn’t in my head when the words came to me, but the result is a transcript of an extraordinary vision.

I had written my first complete long work. It still shocks me how all the layers of meaning piled up on top of each other to make this book. It has a huge range of meanings when I read it and I’m sure other people will see yet more meanings. So if you are intrigued and want to find out what this vision is all about, here it is.

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