Hastings harbour arm, September 2011, photograph © Dominic Blackwell.

Play with the Rhythm

by Dominic Blackwell

And you play up there with the rhythm
A rhythm that exists
In the place where your heart gets its beat

And you’re all taken up with chasing the good
A beauty that you feel
But you shouldn’t have to think that hard

And you play all these games, for what point?
You always seem to lose
So you wish you could find a way round it

So — here it is
Play it clean
Play it quick 
Play it straight
Feel the curves 
Keep going
Don’t think
Keep flowing
Keep moving 
Just push a bit harder
Go deeper 
Go faster
Feel deeper
Feel freer
Take off!

And if the world keeps turning 
And if you keep on living
And your luck stays even

Then sometimes
Just sometimes
You get there 

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