Art and craft and professionalism

by Dominic Blackwell

These three are very different things.

Art is the world of the Muses. Of inspiration, self-expression; to speak with a truth to the world. Your voice can be heard regardless of whether you’re going to be paid.

Craft is the world of skill. It is a lifetime’s work to master. It is how you will make yourself heard and the way that others have said things in the many years since your artform began.

Professionalism is about getting paid. A skillful artist can be rich or be poor. Someone with something to say can make a fortune, but also can make very little.

So as I make my way in the world, I will aim to work on my way of speaking, I will try to get paid, but I hope that when it comes down to it, that the world will believe that I have something worthwhile to say.

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